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Carma History 

Carma Racing was created to produce cutting edge street legal track day cars.  The company was started by Evans Automobiles principals, John Evans and Paul Attridge, who added Alex Chester of Carma Motorsports and marketing guru, Don Dudenhoeffer to the management team. 

Our Evans heritage is the design and manufacture of ultra spohisticated LeMans GT1 cars with EPA and DOT certification, carbon fiber construction and outstanding aerodynamics.

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Evans Automobiles Series 3 (364)

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Evans Series 4 from Forbes list of Worlds Fastest Cars


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Carma Racing is building the new Carma Wolf track day car with a 2.1L turbo (or drivetrain of your choice), ready to race with dry sump oiling, engine oil cooler and transmission cooler.  It is an open 2 seater that can be driven on the road, but is primarily intended for motorsports club track day events. It is a lightweight, high downforce, high powered car that can be driven to the track, but with an emphasis on race track performance.  Weight is 1600 lb (w/o fuel), power is 500 whp on race fuel and 400 on pump gas. See the team at NASA Southeast Division races in 2015 or call for appointment.  Next race is at Road Atlanta Aug 1-2.  See you there!

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Carma Racing - Atlanta Ga - Phone: 404.275.4418 - Email:

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